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Mediascene #36

Contributed by Diego S. on Sep 5th, 2015. Artwork published in
circa 1979
    Mediascene #36
    Source: Jim Steranko. License: All Rights Reserved.


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    4 Comments on “Mediascene #36”

    1. Sep 5th, 2015  2:45 am

      The logo is likely hand lettered.

    2. Sep 5th, 2015  5:46 am

      It seems to be based on Folio with the alternate unicase ‘e’, and a custom ‘a’. See also the Landmark Center sign.

    3. Sep 5th, 2015  3:48 pm

      I agree with Stephen.

      Incidentally, it had a sister magazine, Comicscene, which had an almost identical design. I never read Mediascene, but I remember ads for it in Comicscene.

    4. Sep 5th, 2015  4:08 pm

      That should be Comixscene, which was the original name of this magazine when it debuted in late 1972. The name was changed to Mediascene about a year or so later. My memory was a little mixed up. I was reading Mediascene in the late seventies and there were ads in it for back issues of Comixscene, which is probably what I was remembering.

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