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The EdStone

Contributed by Blythwood on Nov 2nd, 2016. Artwork published in
May 2015
    The EdStone.jpg
    Source: The Independent. License: All Rights Reserved.

    We were all so innocent in that halcyon summer of 2015. When UK Labour party leader Ed Miliband decided to campaign in the general election by commissioning a two-tonne limestone slab with some pretty vague promises, to be moved into the garden of 10 Downing Street where he could see it as a reminder to follow them, it seemed like an unexpectedly surreal and counterproductive thing for a major political party to do, a category that has since become rather obsolete.

    After Labour did far worse in the election than expected, a museum asked if it could keep it, but Labour eventually revealed that they’d had it destroyed.

    The main font used is that classiest of fonts, Arial regular, a depressingly cheap choice for a monument costing £7,614 (oh, and a £20,000 fine because they forgot to declare it). Although not an unprecedented one. The Labour logo is in Paralucent, and has appeared on here before. I’m not certain about the heading and numbers font but it could be Open Sans bold. It was done by the company stoneCIRCLE of Basingstoke.

    Politics journalist Dan Hodges, a longstanding critic of Miliband’s leadership, claims to have heard from a Labour employee that when it appeared on TV a press officer “started screaming. He stood in the office, just screaming over and over again at the screen. It was so bad they thought he was having a breakdown.”

    It could have been worse, though.


    • Arial
    • Paralucent
    • Open Sans




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