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Roundhouse posters

Contributed by Axl Gamez González on Nov 13th, 2016. Artwork published in
circa 1971
    Source: Roundhouse. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The Wheel, 1971, pairing Futura and Univers. Centerpiece signed by George Mayhew.

    From Jenny Brewer’s article for It’s Nice That:

    If the walls of the Roundhouse could talk, the anecdotes would be immense. The iconic London venue is where Andy Warhol performed his only play, where the world’s biggest bouncy castle was inflated indoors, where Antony Gormley’s ominous You figure stands surveying Camden’s crowds from the roof, and LSD-fuelled naked theatre was once a thing.

    Now to celebrate its 50-year history as an avant-garde performance venue, the Roundhouse has launched a website collating accounts, images and recordings from gig goers, local residents and performers, telling stories of their Roundhouse experiences.

    The venue has also delved into its archives to reveal an enormous collection of posters from across the decades, just a few of which are published exclusively here on It’s Nice That. The designers are unknown, expected to be friends and fans of the performers, and therefore remain anonymous. Nevertheless, they are gems.

    A few selected posters are reproduced here, with typeface IDs. See more posters in the article and on

    Source: Roundhouse. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Andy Warhol’s Pork, August 1971, in pink Cooper Black with Franklin Gothic.

    Source: Roundhouse. License: All Rights Reserved.

    ICES 72 (International Carnival of Experimental Sound), August 1972, feat. Kabel Black and handdrawn letters modeled after ITC Pump or Burko.

    Source: Roundhouse. License: All Rights Reserved.

    To a World by Iris (Scaccheri), 1972, using Microgramma and Sans Serif Shaded.

    Source: Roundhouse. License: All Rights Reserved.

    “Towards A Feminist Politic”, 1979, in Univers. The alignment suggests this was (carelessly) done with Letraset sheets.


    • Futura
    • Univers
    • Cooper Black
    • Franklin Gothic
    • Kabel Black
    • Thorowgood Sans Shaded
    • Microgramma




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