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Financial Times website (2017)

Contributed by Love Lagerkvist on Apr 6th, 2017. Artwork published in .
    Financial Times website (2017) 1
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    The Financial Times is one of the oldest financial publications still going, 129 years deep. In 2014, they redesigned their print edition, commissioning Kris Sowersby to draw a new typeface that would “produce a sharper, more modern newspaper”. The type comes in two optical sizes, Display and Text, and takes cues from Eric Gill’s Joanna, Solus and Perpetua. You can read about his outlined design process on the Klim Type Foundry’s blog.

    For the FT website, only the Display version of Financier seems to be used — with supposedly has to do with speed optimization. It boasts with being one of the fastest in the world, loading in a mere 1.5 seconds on desktop or 2.1 on mobile. In addition to this, the website lets subscribers (most of the content is behind a pay wall) customize sections and layouts, among other things.

    Financial Times website (2017) 2
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    Financial Times website (2017) 3
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    Financial Times website (2017) 4
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    Financial Times website (2017) 5
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    5 Comments on “Financial Times website (2017)”

    1. Apr 6th, 2017  6:41 pm

      Maybe Financier Text is hiding behind the paywall — as an asset exclusive to subscribers?

    2. Apr 6th, 2017  7:43 pm

      FT know very well that the only way to get people to pay for journalism is through couture typography.

    3. Peiran Tan says:
      Apr 6th, 2017  8:23 pm

      @Florian No, it’s Georgia before and behind the wall.

    4. Apr 7th, 2017  9:05 am

      That remark was made tongue-in-cheek, but nevertheless thanks for confirming, Peiran!

    5. Blythwood says:
      Jun 9th, 2017  12:03 am

      I really don’t like the failure to use a 'fi’ ligature on this cover, though of course it could be a prepress mockup.
      the cover of the financial times, UK GE 2017

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