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Everybody by Logic

Contributed by Andrew Ault on Apr 21st, 2017. Artwork published in
April 2017
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    “The album’s cover art was painted by Sam Spratt and features Logic’s family, friends, associates, people involved with the album and more. It was modeled after ‘The Wedding at Cana’ by Paolo Veronese painting.” — Genius See it in detail on Sam Spratt’s website.

    Artwork for Logic’s upcoming album Everybody as well as the for first two singles, “Everybody” and “Black SpiderMan”.

    The recurring fonts are Guillemet, a modernized gothic by Johan Mossé, and Kabel Black in all caps, with a stemless initial ‘E’. The notes accompanying the singles appear to use a condensed (custom?) variation of Fette Fraktur (cf. Schmalfette Fraktur) with some romanized glyphs [edit: It’s Luxus Gothic, see comment by Riley], paired with a yet unidentified sans serif.

    License: All Rights Reserved.

    Track list

    Visionary Music Group. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The title track was released as the lead single on March 31, 2017.

    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    “Black SpiderMan”, featuring Damian Lemar Hudson, was released as the album’s second single on April 13, 2017.

    License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Guillemet
    • Kabel Black
    • Luxus Gothic
    • unidentified typeface




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    4 Comments on “Everybody by Logic”

    1. Riley says:
      Apr 27th, 2017  12:15 am

      It isn’t a custom Fette Fraktur, it’s Luxus Gothic.

    2. Apr 27th, 2017  2:13 pm

      Riley, thank you! I hadn’t seen this one yet. Added.

    3. Johnathan James Bobbert says:
      May 16th, 2017  1:37 am

      The font for the E is called Razed and its available for free. It’s the one paired with the Kabel Black on the third line. :)

    4. May 16th, 2017  10:14 am

      Johnathan, Razed does indeed have a similar stemless ‘E’, but it’s not the same as the one in this Use. More likely, the designer just modified Kabel Black’s ‘E’ (for both instances in that line) as it shares the same weight as the font.

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