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LEGO Bionicle

Contributed by Marat Koshoev on May 5th, 2017.
    LEGO Bionicle 1
    Lego. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Since 2001 the logo and promo materials of LEGO’s “Bionicle” line of construction toys and TV series uses Trajan-style letterforms. The precise version might be Goudy Trajan.

    LEGO Bionicle 2
    Source: Vinche Chung. License: CC BY-NC-ND.
    LEGO Bionicle 3
    Source: Phossil . License: CC BY-NC-ND.
    LEGO Bionicle 4
    Source: R K. License: CC BY-NC-ND.
    LEGO Bionicle 5
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Goudy Trajan
    • FF TradeMarker



    7 Comments on “LEGO Bionicle”

    1. May 5th, 2017  10:15 am

      The logo is probably a custom modification. Neither Adobe Trajan (top) nor Goudy Trajan (bottom) is a perfect match. The latter is closer in regard to the long top bar on ‘E’. Other details like the width of ‘O’ or the curvature of ‘C’ are more similar to the former.

      The website indeed uses Goudy Trajan as webfont.

    2. May 5th, 2017  11:20 am

      In the comparison shown above, I forgot an important aspect: Goudy Trajan’s lowercase holds smaller caps of slightly different proportions. These seem to be a pretty good match:

      The dimensional effect still presents a customization (although Adobe’s Trajan Color Concept comes somewhat close).

    3. Ma7i says:
      Feb 21st, 2018  4:50 pm

      I know I’m late to the party but I believe that the Bionicle logo does use the uppercase Goudy Trajan letters, contrary to what Florian said. However, the whole logo appears to be stretched out horizontally by about seven or maybe ten percent.

    4. Feb 21st, 2018  5:00 pm

      Good one, Ma7i! You’ve convinced me.

    5. Ma7i says:
      Feb 21st, 2018  6:59 pm

      While it’s only partially related to the topic of the main logo, another interesting fact about Bionicle and Trajan is that while the main logo is written in Goudy Trajan (as we had already established), the additional text seems to inexplicably alternate between Goudy and Adobe Trajan.

    6. The-Psychid says:
      Feb 26th, 2018  3:04 am

      Does anyone know the font for a majority of other BIONICLE promotions (like for “”, as an example)?

    7. Feb 26th, 2018  9:02 am

      The squarish futuristic one? That’s FF TradeMarker. Added now.

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