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Dentrey Rock Festival 1975

Contributed by Alyssia Lou on Sep 22nd, 2017. Artwork published in
June 2017
    Photo: Alyssia Lou. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The Dentrey Rock Festival is a music festival that should have happened in the year of 1975,
    but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the rise of the Khmers Rouges. Phnom Penh should have welcomed this massive event in its magnificient Olympic Stadium. The festival was officially cancelled when Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge captured the city, on the April 17th, 1975.

    This was the fictional starting point of this publication, made as part of my graduation project at ÉSAD Amiens. As a French girl born from a Chinese descent who fled Cambodia because of the Khmer Rouge takeover, I was obsessed with the deletion of all cultural artifacts from Cambodia that occured after 1975. This newsprint is my attempt to pay tribute to the rich and diverse Rock scene who existed at the time before the regime.

    The spreads are designed with record covers and press photos from that time. The quotes, extracted from contemporary articles discussing about that era, are set in ITC Souvenir Mono, chosen for the meaning of its name and its retro aesthetic.

    See more images on my website.

    Photo: Alyssia Lou. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Photo: Alyssia Lou. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Photo: Alyssia Lou. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Photo: Alyssia Lou. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Photo: Alyssia Lou. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Pierrot
    • Khmer OS Moul
    • ITC Souvenir Monospaced




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    2 Comments on “Dentrey Rock Festival 1975”

    1. Sep 22nd, 2017  2:01 pm

      Oh, this is fantastic, Alyssia! Kudos for finding a spot-on use for the weird and wonderful Pierrot.

      Also, thank you for enriching our humble but steadily growing collection of non-Latin scripts with some Khmer! (Thanks to the great Ben Mitchell for his help in sorting out the correct shaping for the sample of Khmer OS Moul. For any errors regarding the transliteration, please blame me.)

    2. Sep 22nd, 2017  2:57 pm

      Souvenir Monospaced, finally! What a lovely use and project, been waiting for this a long time.

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