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V podstatě jsme normální movie poster

Contributed by Jason Guest on Oct 4th, 2017. Artwork published in .
    Source: Jozefsquare. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Poster for the comedy V podstatě jsme normální (Basically Normal Family), Czechoslovakia, 1981. Jozefsquare:

    Fantastic collage by one of the most impressive Czech poster designer and fine artist Karel Vaca.


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    2 Comments on “V podstatě jsme normální movie poster”

    1. Oct 4th, 2017  10:44 am

      Apart from the hairline diacritics, the ‘S’ glyph appears to be a custom addition, too. It resembles the ‘S’ in Aldo Novarese’s Stop (1971) or Motter Tektura (1975).

    2. Oct 4th, 2017  3:29 pm

      On second look, there are more tiny deviations from Marvin’s letterforms, and inconsistencies between duplicate glyphs, see especially the counters in ‘M’, ‘N’ and ‘E’. It was probably easier and quicker for a trained graphic artist like Vaca to simply draw the required letterforms loosely following a model (including the option to introduce new forms like ‘S’) than to tinker with dry-transfer type or other mechanical reproductions of prefabricated letters. I’ve added the tag “lettering derived from typeface”.

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