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Blank Books — EP1 redesign

Contributed by Quentin Schmerber on Nov 28th, 2017. Artwork published in
November 2017
    Blank Books — EP1 redesign 1
    Source: © Bethany Heck. License: All Rights Reserved.

    I adore anything @aaronsprinkle does, and his new band Blank Books has an awesome EP out. I love it so much I made my own packaging concepts for it and they are allllmost as rad as the album. on Twitter

    Bethany Heck is not only a top-notch writer on her Font Review Journal website, she’s also an incredible and passionate designer that carefully experiments with the typefaces that she reviews.

    Maelstrom is the large yummy type, which I chose because it’s so good for large-scale because of its insane thick-to-thin contrast. You can use it large and it still lets air through because the strokes get so slender. Proto Grotesk is used on the CD itself and the vinyl concept, and I found it’s odd angularity and the AWESOME spur on the “a” were really nice compliments to the curves in Maelstrom. It’s got the same svelte lines against blocky slabs. I used Untitled Sans on the wrap sticker, because I wanted that to feel like a neutral, utilitarian addition to the “extra” of the rest of the design—an imposition necessary to share all the information necessary for the album instead of a flashy stylistic detail. [1]

    Proto Grotesk has already been featured. Maelstrom & Untitled Sans will surely follow!

    Blank Books — EP1 redesign 2
    Source: © Bethany Heck. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Blank Books — EP1 redesign 3
    Source: © Bethany Heck. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Blank Books — EP1 redesign 4
    Source: © Bethany Heck. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Maelstrom
    • Proto Grotesk
    • Untitled Sans
    • Bastard




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    3 Comments on “Blank Books — EP1 redesign”

    1. Bethany Heck says:
      Nov 28th, 2017  10:29 pm

      Thank you, Quentin! The Maelstrom and Untitled Sans reviews are in the works (Bastard too!). It’ll be a little while because there’s a backlog to get through first :)

    2. Thiago says:
      Jan 13th, 2018  2:22 pm

      The first big letter on the cover seems to be an “A”. What’s the second one?

    3. Jan 13th, 2018  3:58 pm

      It’s a (modified) ‘J’ — for Aaron & Jesse, I suppose.

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