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K1M3R4, Issue 01 “Empathy Dystopias”

Contributed by Matthieu Salvaggio on Jan 29th, 2018. Artwork published in
circa 2018
    Michael Clasen. License: All Rights Reserved.

    An experimental cyberpunk magazine about the questions of the digital revolution and its ethical, socio-political meanings for humanity: K1M3R4 – Issue 01 “Empathy Dystopias”.

    K1M3R4 is an experimental, multilingual cyberpunk magazine that explores the changing role of humanity in the age of the digital revolution. Inside the magazine contributions and statements from people of all kinds of different professions (artists. theorists, technicians etc.) collide and therefore create new ideas.

    The name of the first issue is “Empathy Dystopias”. It asks the question of the future of empathy between humans and humans, humans and machines, machines and humans and machines and machines.

    Through “hyperlinks” the linear structure of the printed matter is refined and a form of a connecting network is created.

    Art Direction by Michael Clasen
    Guest Artworks by Vivien Hoffmann, Arthur Vincent Boer, Boris Smeenk, Baptiste Bernazeau, Jasper Scholma, Fabian Fohrer, Jack Kimberley, Loïc Movellan, Matteo Sardina, Quentin Gomzé, Alexander Dueckminor, Carlos Henriquez
    3D Rendering by Obby&Japparii
    News logo by Michel Lörz

    Paper: DCP Coated Gloss 135g

    Michael Clasen. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Michael Clasen. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Michael Clasen. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Michael Clasen. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Michael Clasen. License: All Rights Reserved.


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    1. Ekaterina says:
      Mar 6th, 2018  8:12 am

      Love it!!! where can I buy this beauty?

    2. Mar 6th, 2018  8:47 pm

      Hey there! If you’re refering to the book itself, you will have to get in touch with Michael Clasen (

      If you are refering to the typeface (AT Apoc), it is available here: 👍

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