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Allgemeine Rundschau Nürnberg-Zirndorf

Photo(s) by Frank GrießhammerImported from Flickr on Mar 5, 2018. Artwork published in
circa 1925
    Allgemeine Rundschau Nürnberg-Zirndorf
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Frank Grießhammer and tagged with “deutscheanzeigenschrift”. License: CC BY-NC-SA.

    Enamel signs from the collection of Jean-François Danquin are displayed all over ESAD Amiens.

    The condensed blackletter for “Allgemeine Rundschau” is closely modeled after Rudolf Koch’s Deutsche Anzeigenschrift (1923). The smaller lines may have been drawn — less directly — after Lucian Bernhard’s Bernhard-Fraktur (1912).


    • Deutsche Anzeigenschrift
    • Bernhard-Fraktur




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    3 Comments on “Allgemeine Rundschau Nürnberg-Zirndorf”

    1. Mar 5th, 2018  12:34 pm

      Frank you’re the best!

      For enamel signes enthusiastics, the book collecting all the Danquin’s collection (800+ pieces) is available here for a few bucks:…

      And you can preview an extract here:…

    2. Mar 5th, 2018  1:52 pm

      I was happy to see this too! The hard work was all done by Florian, who (as we all know) actually is the best!

    3. Mar 5th, 2018  4:33 pm

      Merci bien for the pointers about Jean-François Danquin and his collection! That book looks like a treasure trove — ordered. ✓

      Hard work? All I did was remember an old acquaintance. Thanks for taking and sharing all these intriguing photos, Frank!

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