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Roberta Flack – First Take

Photo(s) by “Bart Solenthaler”. Imported from Flickr on Apr 3, 2018. Artwork published in .
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Bart Solenthaler and tagged with “prisma”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Roberta Flack’s debut album, featuring “Compared To What”.


    • Prisma




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    1 Comment on “Roberta Flack – First Take

    1. Apr 15th, 2018  1:26 pm

      There are several phototypefaces that combine the multiline treatment with a long shadow, including PLINC’s Bauhaus Prisma Shadow and Futura Prisma Shadow, Churchward Design 70 Lines Deep Shadow, Headliners’ Prismania Fourteen, Lettergraphics’ Prink Shaded, and Prisma Shaded (shown in Solotype).

      None of them is a match, though. It looks like this is “plain” Prisma with a custom shadow effect. The godfather of this subgenre might be Arno Drescher’s Onyx (Schelter & Giesecke, 1936). There are surprisingly little pre-made options among digital fonts, if any. The shadow in RMU’s Prisma Pro Shadow is not very pronounced.

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