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Signs With Soul

Contributed by Reuben Armstrong on May 8th, 2018. Artwork published in
May 2018
    License: All Rights Reserved.

    Lightbulb sign based on Indie.

    Signs With Soul is a film capturing the creative spirit of signmakers Goodwin & Goodwin.

    In this short film we are introduced to their eclectic, international team of architects, designers, typographers and signmakers. From their passion for retro typography, through to their pride in seeing the final pieces hanging on the wall — this is a heart-warming documentary about hand-crafted design and teamwork.

    Just like Goodwin & Goodwin, the film is overflowing with creative ideas, and we see the care and craft that goes into each letter and every sign. The workshop comes alive in an action-packed edit, with stop-motion animations, VFX trickery and supercuts that captures the unique energy and atmosphere of this vibrant collective of creatives.

    Reuben Armstrong. License: All Rights Reserved.

    “Victory” and “Brooklyn” use Signalist with some customizations.

    Fresh moss.jpg
    License: All Rights Reserved.

    Moss sign made with modified Gelato Script.

    License: All Rights Reserved.

    These neon letters are modeled after Univers Condensed.


    • Indie
    • Signalist
    • Gelato Script
    • Univers




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