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Contributed by Johannes Pistorius on May 9th, 2018. Artwork published in
April 2018
    Gebet! 1
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    Being a German homonym, Gebet! means ‘pray!’ as well as ‘give!’. It is also the title of this small prayer book for the scholars of the German Episcopal foundation Cusanuswerk. Their students and doctoral candidates were asked to send in their favorite prayers or even write their own ones.

    Praying is something very sensitive and individual. Therefore, every single spread was designed individually—always based on the prayer’s content. Every page shows the buzzword, author and sponsor of each prayer to make them easy to access and give them a personal touch.

    But the point is, the book takes this aspect even one step further: Everything but the prayers themselves—which are set in Freight Text—is written by hand. Line by line, page by page (no copy-paste here). This way it gets the most personal touch possible. And because there are empty pages spread across the book for the readers own prayers, every book really becomes a unique item while using it.

    Gebet! 2
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    Gebet! 3
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    Gebet! 4
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    Gebet! 5
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