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Polydor Schallplatten-Verzeichnis 1949/50

Photo(s) by “Klaus Hiltscher”. Imported from Flickr on Jun 7, 2018. Artwork published in .
    Source: Klaus Hiltscher. License: All Rights Reserved.

    This record catalog is probably the first one by Polydor, issued in 1948/1949, shortly after World War II. Founded in 1913, Polydor was relaunched as Deutsche Grammophon’s popular music label in 1946. The booklet lists all records that were available at the time, in 78 rpm shellac format, featuring mainly schlager and other popular music. The table of contents mentions “melodies from sound films and revue operettas”, Christmas recordings, national anthems, and special recordings including “frequency records” (for testing purposes?), bell-ringing and “sound music”.

    While the cover features script lettering as it’s typical for the era, the interior is set with a number of German pre-war typefaces. See more pages in Klaus Hiltscher’s Flickr album.

    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Klaus Hiltscher and tagged with “ariston”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The half-title combines the newly introduced Polydor logo with Berthold-Grotesk mager (1928) and Ariston fett (1933).

    Source: Klaus Hiltscher. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The title page has a slightly different, hand-rendered version of the logo and caps from Stahl mager (1939).

    Source: Klaus Hiltscher. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The text typeface is Stempel Garamond (1925). The table of contents has more Stahl.


    • Stahl
    • Ariston
    • Stempel Garamond
    • Berthold-Grotesk




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