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Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco

Contributed by Paul Shaw on Aug 26th, 2018.
    Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco
    Photo: Paul Shaw. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Trajan set in a circle is a difficult feat. It is done tolerably well here. But the design still looks like a logo for a donut shop not the Federal Reserve.


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    4 Comments on “Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco”

    1. Aug 26th, 2018  2:53 am

      The circle is particularly unkind to Trajan’s ‘RA’.

      Welcome to Fonts In Use, Paul!

    2. Aug 26th, 2018  2:40 pm

      Ditto — great to see your name here, Paul!

      Do you have an idea how old this sign is? The bank relocated to the current facilities on 101 Market Street in 1983. The sign can be seen in a snapshot on Google Street View from 2008.

      I wonder if we can determine whether the sign uses custom drawn letters, or whether it’s (based on) a font. Whatever it is, it’s not off-the-shelf Adobe Trajan. Below’s a comparison of Adobe Trajan (1989), Goudy Trajan (CastleType, 1994), and Cresci (LetterPerfect, 1996). Of those, only the last one has serifs on the apex of N and to the left side of the K’s leg.

    3. Aug 26th, 2018  11:37 pm

      I guess Tommy Thompson’s Coliseum by PLINC belongs in this conversation somewhere!

    4. Aug 26th, 2018  11:42 pm

      Just noticed that Coliseum’s C and A are totally different than the sign and the samples above. (Out of curiousity, I’ll check to see if there were similar alternates in the back of ATII.)

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