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Car Lovers: Adults Only

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Feb 26th, 2019. Artwork published in .
    Car Lovers: Adults Only
    Source: Image: Mast Books. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Could any book be more America-in-the-1970s than this typeface (Marvin), this car, and this genre of erotica?


    • Marvin (Face)
    • Futura



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    3 Comments on “Car Lovers: Adults Only

    1. Mark Butchko says:
      Feb 27th, 2019  4:07 pm

      Pure class!

      Interesting how the leg of the second R is sort of misshapen and widened when compared to the first R.

    2. Feb 27th, 2019  6:01 pm

      That is strange! I’m not sure how that would happen in phototype, so perhaps it’s a hand-drawn aberration.

    3. Feb 27th, 2019  6:02 pm

      Or this was Letraset and there were issues with the application.

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