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Contributed by Patch Hofweber on Feb 12th, 2013. Artwork published in .
    Editorially  Write Better.png
    Source: © Copyright 2013 Editorially. License: All Rights Reserved.


    Editorially is a new venture from some very familiar and competent faces:

    Our goal is to make the very best tool for writers — one that helps you collaborate, and so helps you write better — while also taking advantage of the best the web has to offer.
    Together, the team behind Editorially have worked as writers, editors, publishers, designers, and engineers; we’ve shipped products, books, and magazines, and enjoy debugging code as much as a good copyedit.
    We’ve distilled our own expertise about writing and editing, along with that of advisors from every walk of the publishing world, into an application that we believe will change the way you write — for the better.

    The site uses two proven low-contrast workhorses, Just Another Foundry’s Facit & TypeTogether’s AdelleNot surprising, given the team’s surplus of ex-Typekitters.

    Editorially Blog — Introducing
    Source: © Copyright 2013 Editorially. License: All Rights Reserved.



    • Adelle
    • JAF Facit




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