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Better Call Saul: James M. McGill billboard

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Mar 2nd, 2015. Artwork published in .
    AMC TV. License: All Rights Reserved.

    In Better Call Saul, Season 1, Episode 4, Saul Goodman (then Jimmy McGill) posts a billboard that mimicks his rival attorney Harry Hamlin in every way, including photo style, logo, and even Hamlin’s trademarked “Hamlindigo Blue” color.

    The JMM monogram appears to be ITC Franklin Gothic Extra Compressed. The rest of the logotype style is also swiped from Hamlin Hamlin & McGill, but it doesn’t seem like the big time law firm put as much effort into it as they did Hamlin’s suit and haircut. The type comes from the Latin portion of one of the many MN Indic fonts bundled on the Mac. Perhaps the designer was just cycling through his font menu at the last minute and settled on “Bangla MN”.

    Source: Photo by Gennifer Hutchison. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Source: AMC TV. License: All Rights Reserved.


    • MN Latin
    • ITC Franklin Gothic



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    2 Comments on “Better Call Saul: James M. McGill billboard”

    1. Erin McLaughlin says:
      Jun 12th, 2015  5:15 pm

      That is hilarious!! :)

    2. Blythwood says:
      Oct 4th, 2017  10:32 pm

      Surprisingly popular-I’ve also seen it on several magazines. It’s also used for the frontage of a Thai restaurant rather oddly co-owned as a retirement project by one of the world’s most famous cancer epidemiologists. Sasi's Thai restaurant, Oxford

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